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Myth Logo

I have been extremely busy over the past few months doing graphic design for a board game called Myth. My friend Keith Lowe (a co-owner of MERCS Miniatures, LLC with Brian Shotton) is the brainchild behind the artwork. I asked Keith in August 2012 if he needed any help with the graphic design aspect of MERCS or anything else. He took me up on the offer and gave me the main task of creating icons that would be used throughout Myth.

At this point, all 40 icons are finished. Of course the possibility exists that another icon need may surface! Take a look below for what the final icons look like.

Myth Final Icons

Creating icons is one of my favorite things to do in the graphic design world. I had such a blast along the way. It has been a good creative release for me. When starting on the icons for Myth, I decided to try and create five initial concepts for each icon needed. The self-imposed requirement really helped push me to the limit. Some icons were extremely difficult to meet the five concept requirement. An example, "Prone". My first attempt I only submitted three concepts to Keith. I didn’t get much feedback, but "go back to the drawing board". Using a Thesaurus helped spark more concepts in my mind. I created anything and everything I envisioned. The second attempt, I submitted 14 different concepts. The irony of the Prone icon, Keith ended up choosing an unused concept from the original "No Movement" concepts I submitted, but recycled in the second submission of Prone. Below is a glimpse of all the icon concepts and doodles.

Myth Icon Concepts

Some other tasks I was given along the way:

>> Create a Hero card concept. My original submission was quite far from done. When I sent it along to Keith, I was looking for some advice on the placement of some items and further details on what else would be included on the card. Keith is such a great graphic designer himself and designed an excellent solution for the card.

Myth Hero Cards

>>Work on the Hero board. Keith supplied me with the bare essentials that, at the time, were thought to appear on the Hero board. He then tweaked what I submitted as a few more essentials needed to be added.

Myth Hero Board

>> Create a Monster card concept. Keith took my initial concept and developed it further.

Myth Monster Card

>> Vectorize the Myth logo. This will be used for t-shirts, and who knows what else! Keith created the full color Myth logo in Photoshop. I brought the logo into Illustrator to trace it. I love the level of precision that can be attained.

Myth Logo Vector

>> Create 1-color versions of the Heroes for t-shirts. This involves some of the same process mentioned above for "Vectorize the Myth logo". The plan is to have the 2-color Myth logo on the front of the shirt and a 1-color Hero on the back of the shirt.

Myth Hero Shirt Art

>> Create weapon/item/trap art. This is what I'm currently helping with. There are roughly 72 different weapons, items, and traps that need art created for the cards and tiles they appear on.

Presently, Myth is about 60% done. The owners have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get it off the ground. If you have a few minutes, please click here and check it out!

Whether you’re interested or not, I ask that you share the Kickstarter link with your friends. Myth is also on Facebook!

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3 year/s ago
I like the graphics and very intuitive card design!

3 year/s ago
Just bounced over here from your link on BGG and I must say I love these icons. They work so well with the direction Keith started - they feel very Myth-like! Cheers on an amazing job. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Chris Doughman
3 year/s ago
Alex / Donny - Thanks! There will be more to see in the coming months!

3 year/s ago
I've been looking at all the available images I can find to basically put together a rules sheet... obviously, not official, correct or even a good idea! I've found some misspellings in the cards (Cleave... "arch" should be "arc"). Is there somewhere official where this sort of bizarre OCD report should be made?

Chris Doughman
3 year/s ago
Mark - the text on the card images is far from final. Keith and I just used whatever Brian and Kenny had at the time, almost like placeholder text. Nothing has been proofread yet! Thanks for taking the time to point out the edits though.

3 year/s ago
@Chris Fair enough. They look excellent and I figured I'd rather mention it now than regret it later! Keep up the fine work!

3 year/s ago
Looks great, Chris. Nice work.

Daniel Taylor
3 year/s ago
I'm a bit late to the punch in commenting (followed a link from BGG), but I just wanted to say that having spent the past 7 years in UI design for a software company and with several hundred icons under my belt, this is some great work.

Great use of negative space, they read well from a distance, strong silhouettes. Nicely done.
I also like the nice subtle things people usually don't notice (but like subconsciously), such as all of the conditions are in a circle so they have a common element linking them together. With a quick glance you can see that an attack has a condition with it, etc.

I'm happy to back your Kickstarter and can't wait to play.

Chris Doughman
3 year/s ago
@Daniel - Thanks so much for the kind words and complements on the Myth icons! It means a lot, you being in UI design. Keith and I are working hard to design with purpose. I hope it shows!

Johan Krüger Haglert
3 year/s ago
As far as corrections goes I assume cautious movement should raise threat less than a normal movement and not the other way around to?

Chris Doughman
3 year/s ago
@Johan - Any of the cards shown have very early text. Think of it like "real world placeholder text".

Chris Richardson
2 year/s ago
Just tried playing a game with a color blind friend. He found the small print and use of red on the cards taxing.

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